Boletus Edulis Mushroom Flour-Based Wheat Bread as Innovative Fortified Bakery Product

Romina Alina VLAIC, Crina Carmen MUREȘAN, Sevastiţa MUSTE, Vlad MUREȘAN, Anamaria POP


Mushroom powder was added to bread in different proportions, namely: 3%, 6% and 9%, in order to improve the nutritional properties of bread. Thus, the new products, had increased contents of protein from 6.60% to 7.79% and fat from 0.78% to 1.43%. Moreover, the content of polyphenols also increased from 39.88 to 84.46 mg GAE/100 g, and the antioxidant activity increased from 16.81% to 27.91%. According to the sensory analysis, performed by means of the hedonic test, the most appreciated bread was that fortified with 6% of mushroom powder. In terms of texture profile, the sample with 6% of mushroom powder recorded the best results. Nowadays, this product has a positive impact on the consumers, who take a growing interest in functional products, that are rich in active compounds. Bread enriched with more than 3 % mushroom powder is a product with high nutritional value.

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