Major Inorganic Ions in Bottled Waters from Several Polish and Romanian Mineral Waters

Rajmund MICHALSKI, Joanna KOŃCZYK, Edward MUNTEAN, Jerzy GĘGA, Aleksandra FRYMUS


Mineral waters are important sources of micro- and macroelements for humans, thus its composition ought to be supported with good knowledge on their chemical composition and be controlled systematically. The aim of the study was to analyze the content of common inorganic cations in 9 Romanian and 9 Polish bottled waters, and compare the results of the analyses with the product label’s data. The novelty was the application of new analytical method (atomic emission spectrometry with microwave plasma) for this approach. A short chemometric evaluation of the obtained results was carried out, highlighting in many cases significant differences between the values declared by the producers and the obtained results; possible reasons of this situation are discussed.


calcium; magnesium; mineral water; potassium; sodium

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