Development of Novel Added-Value Products, Using Brewers Spent Grain as Ingredient

Anca Corina FĂRCAŞ, Sonia Ancuța SOCACI, Carmen SOCACIU, Corina MAXIM, Maria TOFANĂ


In recent years many studies have shown that brewers spent grain (BSG), the major by-product of the brewing industry, is no longer regarded as waste but rather as a rich source of bioactive compounds. With a hypothesis that this by-product could be efficiently valorized in developing new added-value food products this study evaluates the content of BSG in several bioactive compounds and assessed their influence on enhancing the nutritional quality of a basic snack composition. The substitution of wheat flour with 10%, 20% and 30% ground BSG led to development of three breadsticks formulations with increased nutritional value (protein, fiber, lipid and minerals) and enhanced antioxidant properties, in a dose dependent manner. Also, the sensorial analysis revealed that, compare with a control sample, the prototype with 10% and 20% BSG had good organoleptic attributes and overall acceptability. The obtained results emphasize the great opportunity to reuse this by-product in developing innovative added-value food products.

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