Consumers’ Requirements for Functional Foods

Corina MAXIM, Anca FĂRCAȘ, Dan Cristian VODNAR, Maria TOFANĂ, Sonia SOCACI


Although there is still no legal definition, functional foods are considered by the scientific community as providing additional benefits beyond the general benefits of nutrient intake and satisfaction of hunger. The bioactive compounds present in these products should provide a scientifically proven health benefit for the prevention, management or treatment of chronic disease. The aim of the present study was to investigate the consumers’ awareness, knowledge and interest for functional food consumption. The study was conducted on 120 respondents that answered a 16-questionaire distributed online. The participants were adults from rural and urban area, with different levels of education. The data collected from the respondents showed that women are more aware and interested in functional foods than the male respondents. Only 15% of the participants said that they do not know the meaning of the term “functional foods”. This study has shown that the knowledge and interest of consumers’ for the functional foods is influenced by factors such as gender, age, education or income level. The prices together with the sensorial and health benefits were among the decisive factors.


bioactive compounds; consumers` perception; functional food; health properties.

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