Identification of Molecular Markers Specific to the Bovine Species Used in the Production of Food Products of Animal Origin

Lavinia Maria CHIŞ, Dan Cristian VODNAR


Molecular markers are a helpful tool for species detection of meat origin, in order to determine with accuracy the possible fraud of animal-based food products. In this study, blood, milk and cheese samples were taken from the Romanian “Bălțata” bovine species. In the blood extraction stage, the commercial Wizard Genomic DNA Extraction Kit was used, and for the milk and cheese extraction, the SureFood®PREP Advanced kit was used. Target DNA amplification in all the three matrices was performed with the StockMarks for Cattle kit. It was found that the analyzed loci had the size of the fragments within the reference range given by the kit used, which concludes that the blood, milk and the cheese have the same origin, from the same animal of the bovine species. Therefore, through the genotyping technique, traceability of food products can be achieved and the species of origin can be identified.


DNA markers; genotyping; traceability; PCR Multiplex; bovine.

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