Research Regarding the Chemical Fertilizers Effects on Physiological Indices and Protein at Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.)

Carmen BEINSAN, Radu ȘUMĂLAN, Anamaria VÂTCĂ, Ștefania GÂDEA, Sorin VÂTCĂ


In this experiment we studied the influence of chemical fertilizers on physiological indices and the amount of protein in two soybean varieties, Atlas and Hodgson. Researches has been carried out between 2017-2019 at Didactic Station of BUASMV Timişoara with different doses of chemical fertilizers. Observations and measurements were made on plant physiology and yield characteristics. The process of accumulation of dry substances in different organs of the plant during the vegetation period is dependent to the effectiveness of fertilization. The dynamics of the total water content in the plant and especially its modification under the influence of chemical fertilizers is of interest for the appreciation of the process of formation of dry substances, respectively of agricultural harvest. In both varieties between the experimental and the control variant, significant differences appeared in all followed indicators, the most favorable variant being N45P63K45. Superior results were registered at Atlas, better adapted to the ecological conditions of the reference area. Fertilizers are decisive factors in the increase of yield and the quantity of protein, although this plant has the capacity to supply some of the necessary nitrogen with bacterial symbionts. High doses of phosphorus did not produce higher yields compared to moderate ones.


leaf area; dry matter; soybean; plant height.

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