The Dynamic Of Essential Oil Accumulation In Hop Cones During 2012 Year

Liana-Claudia Salanta, Maria Tofana, Sonia Socaci, Elena Mudura, Anca Farcas


Hop cones have lupulin glands which occur on the outer lower surface of the bracteoles and the entire surface of the perianth. The constituents of these glands include bitter acids and essential oil components (Auerbach, 2000). Dry hop contains 0.5-2.0% of essential oil. Hop essential oils consist of a large number of different components and although their composition is influenced by the environment (Ĉerenak, 2011).

Aims: This study is a continuation of the research started in 2011 (Salanţă, 2012), where the dynamic of essential oil accumulation in hop cones during 2011 year, were reported. In this paper, samples from 2012 year crop were subjected to hydrodistillation in order to content in essential oils. All reported results will be used in a future research, to determine the gas chromatographic composition of essential oils extracted.


essential oil, hop cones, pellets, hydrodistillation

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