Leon Sorin Muntean, Mircea Tămaș, Dan Ioan Vârban, Leon Muntea, Sorin Muntean


The “Napoca†cultivar (Echinacea pallida Nutt.) has been created at U.S.A.M.V. Cluj-Napoca through repeated mass selection from echinacea that had been imported to our country and studied in yield trials (with the temporary name of CN 11/992).

Here are some of the morpho-physiological, productivity and quality features of this cultivar: it is semilate, with a vegetation period of 134-145 days in the second and third years, in the first year the root system is formed, and also a leaf rosette and flower stems with a reduced number of flowers, the complete flowering only beginning in the second year of vegetation; it have a tap root, with 1-3 vertical gray-brownish main roots (which are the actual raw material, harvested in the year 2-3); the part above the soil looks like a bush with 80-120 cm long stems, sometimes with branches, 6-8 mm thick, with 8-12 internodes, the last one being 30-40 cm long, ended with a inflorescence; the leaves from the rosette are linear lanceolate with a petiole of 8-18 cm length, with a blade of 8 cm length and 3-6 cm width, with three nervures on the dorsal side; the inflorescence is ovoid, thorny when dry with involucral leaflet at the bottom (in two rows), conical receptacle (1,5-2 cm high, with a diametre of 2-3 cm); the ray flowers are pink-violet in colour, steril (5-8 cm length and 2-5 mm in width); the disc flowers are tubular, orange and hermaphrodite (4-6 mm in length); the flowering takes place in July-August, pollination is made by insects, the fruit is a sided achene, 2-4 mm in length, whitish with rudimentary pappus; the whole plant is covered with rough hair, 1.8-2 mm long (made of 3-5 cells), wider-bottomed and narrow-ended, that give rigidity to the plant; the raw root yield is of 4,5-5,2 t/ha (1,3-1,5 t/ha when dry); the content of active principles is high: imuno stimulent polysacharides (6,1-6,4 g %), phenil-propanic derivates (0,5 - 0,6 g %), volatile oil (0,9-1,2 ml/100g) etc., which enhance the immunity system, the raw material being used for obtaining anti-virus, imunostimulents, antitumorale products etc.


Echinacea pallida Nutt.; Napoca echinacea cultivar

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