Leon Sorin Muntean, Solovastru Cernea, Gavrila Morar, Alexandru Salontai, Dan Ioan Varban, Leon Muntean, Marcel Matei Duda, Sorin Muntean, Rodica Varban, Maria Tofana


The “

Ardeal†hop cultivar (Humulus lupulus L., ssp europeus


Ryb.) was created at


“Hop and Medicinal Plants Crop Research Center†- U.S.A.V.M. Cluj-Napoca through clonal

selection from the Hallertauer Magnum cultivar (temporarily called CN 21/96).

Among the morpho-physiological, productivity and quality features of this hop cultivar

some ought to be mentioned: it is semilate, with an average vegetation period of 138 days (90 days

- the vegetative phase and 48 days the generative phase); 35 days from the coming up until the

appearance of the lateral offshoots, 37 days until budding, flowering after 18 days, cone formation

after 28 days and reaching technological maturity after 12 days; the habitus of the plant is

cylindrical, the vines are green, the length is 8-10 m, with internodes of 15-23 cm and green

offshoots of 70-120 cm; the leaves have 3-5 dark-green lobes; the cones are oval, uniform, dense,

big, round-pointed; the blossom stem is of medium fineness, the bracts are large-medium, tightly

fixed to the stem, oval pointed yellow-green, rich in lupuline (the lupuline is orange); in yield trials

the average yields were of 2.5-2.8 t/ha dry cones; it is one of the bitter (superalfa) cultivars,

medium-flavoured, with a high content of alfa acids (13.8-14.5%); the content of alfa-acids - 340-

360 kg/ha - is much higher than that of other hop cultivars cultivated in our country; it is resistant

to mildew-powder, manna, and tolerant to aphides.


Humulus lupulus L., Ardeal hop cultivar