Aspects Regarding the Use of GPS Technology in the Realization of Land Reclamation Cadastre



This paper proposes to realize a supporting geodetic network using GPS technology to obtaincadastral evidence of land reclamation. The cadastral evidence of land reclamation is not updated, thereare no corresponding plans or maps of the area. We propose the redetermination of the old networkgeodezic points using GPS technology. The results will be processed to see if determination accuracieswith GPS technology allows performing measurements for land reclamation objectives. Geodeticnetworks spread uniformly on the surface of our country, determined with an accuracy required andmarked on the ground is the basis of the measurements in plan. Necessary infrastructure for the groundmeasurements are achieved by ensuring a sufficient number of points and their determination to respectbasic conditions. The positioning of the followed points will be different due to the distinct conditionsof the data collection and receivers used for different data processing, in specially, to transforming fromglobal coordinates system to the national. Coordinates have been calculated in the national referencesystem using regional conversion factors using GNSS SOLUTIONS program.


land reclamation, cadastre, support network, GPS

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