The Influence of Regrafting at Picea Pungens Var. Argentea and its Economic Efficiency

Georgel Constantin MAZARE


Picea pungens Argentea could be obtained both by generative and vegetative way. Considering that the main important feature of this species, the needles’ colour, could lose in intensity by generative way, the vegetative remain the most important. One of the Picea pungens Argentea vegetative obtaining methods is the grafting method. The main problem of this method is its lower success, because even a lot of grafted exemplars seem to survive, in time a part of them will die. The purpose of this study is to see whether the stocks grafted once can be reutilized, taking into account the grafting success and the costs of obtaining them. For that it was made a bifactorial experiment, one of the factors being the stock and the other being the grafting level. For processing the data obtained it was used the Duncan test. Also, this study contains a calculation of economic efficiency, to see if the regrafting method have economically advantages too.


Graft; rootstock; scions; Picea pungens; vegetative

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