Characterization of some Vitis vinifera L. Indigenous Varieties by Analysis of Leaf Photosynthetic Pigments

Vasile Razvan FILIMON, Roxana FILIMON, Liliana ROTARU


Chlorophyll content in leaves of 11 Vitis vinifera L. indigenous varieties (Iasi vineyard, Romania) was determined by two independent methods: spectrophotometry (extraction) and with an Opti-Sciences CCM-200 plus chlorophyll content meter (non-destructive method) with the aim of comparing the results. Also, this study was conducted to establish the values of chlorophyll a/chlorophyll b and chlorophyll/carotenoid ratio in middle leaves of vine stocks, in the phenophase of progressive growing of shoots. Area and perimeter of leaves in this phenophase were determined. Total chlorophyll concentration in leaf extract varied from 0.67±0.01 mg/g f.w. to 1.00±0.03 mg/g f.w., being highly correlated with the chlorophyll content index values (CCI) recorded by CCM-200 (R2=0.9839; p<0.001). Similar situation was identified in the case of the chlorophyll b and CCI correlation (R2=0.9638; p<0.001). Chlorophyll a/b ratio in leaf extract varied significantly depending on variety, ranging from 1.06±0.01 to 2.43±0.01, with a chlorophyll/carotenoid ratio reaching up to 3.19±0.08. Compared to spectrophotometry, CCM-200 plus affords fast, reliable, economical, non-destructive chlorophyll content measurement, however, providing no details regarding chlorophyll components and ratios.


chlorophyll content meter; chlorophyll a/b ratio; chlorophyll/carotenoid ratio; spectrophotometry; Vitis vinifera L

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