Physical-Chemical Parameters And Phenolic Compounds From Fetească Neagră Wines Aged In Different Toasted Barrels

Georgiana Diana DUMITRIU, Valeriu COTEA, Rafael Amores PEINADO, Nieves LOPEZ DE LERMA, Catalin ZAMFIR, Marius NICULAUA, Bogdan NECHITA, Cintia COLIBABA, Ioan MORARU, Maria CODREANU, Florin VARARU


The goal of this study is to evaluate the influence of toasted barrel on the red wines physical-chemical parameters and phenolic compounds. Experimental material used is Fetească neagră grapes. They were harvested from Şuletea wine region-Vaslui, in 2013. The wines content of phenolic compounds varied, depending on the toasted barrel variant (V0-martor wine, V1-barrel light, V2-barrel medium and V3-barrel medium plus). In order to characterize phenolic compounds we have realized a series of spectrometric measurements to evaluate the total polyphenolic index and total anthocyans by pH variation method. Martor wine (V0) showed higher phenolic compound values than samples in toasted barrels. This fact indicates that the toasting process of barrels reduces the phenolic compounds present in wines. Also, we observed decrease of values for anthocyans caused by the increase in intensity of toasted process. The structural characteristics of wood and its chemical composition can influence the complex physical, chemical and biochemical processes that take place during the oxidative ageing of wine in barrels.


anthocyans; barrels; Fetească neagră; phenolic compounds

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