The Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility in Business Market - a Qualitative Analysis



The paper aims to explore the entrepreneurship concept and gain deeper understanding of the social responsibility insights with respect to their implications into the business market. The methodological approach comprised a qualitative analysis of the concepts in order to structure and understand knowledge about the key factors encapsulated in the entrepreneurial thinking. Secondly, it has been analyzed the seven core principles of social responsibility that allowed authors to ascertain the main similarities and differences between the two concepts. It has been proposed an integrative model that enables the conceptualization of the relationship arisen from responsibility of the businesses to act and behave in a way that contribute to a sustainable development of the society. The model depicts the entrepreneurial thinking as being firmly embedded in the social responsibility concept that carefully incorporates, in a coherently whole, the responsibilities of the organization to society and the environment, by summing up and addressing different people goals. In the pursuit of their objectives, people appeal to entrepreneurial thinking and the social responsibility creates the framework that guides theira ctions, becoming aware of the impacts of their decisions and activities on the business market, the society and the environment. The authors emphasized the interdependence between entrepreneurship and social responsibility within the business market. Addressing social, economic and environmental aspects in an integrated manner is expected to be achieved with the aid of entrepreneurial thinking (sense of initiative) of decision makers and key actors towards creating the eco-innovation system on the long run.


entrepreneurship thinking; social responsibility awareness; sustainable business growth

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