Resources of the Region in the Function of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro



In very short time big changes occurred in the agrarian structure, the structure of the population, territorial and socio-economical deployment. According to that, there is an obvious discontinuity in the development of rural areas. Pointing out the resources of the region during transformation and rapid development of agriculture, rural development and development of rural regions. The largest part of the development potential based on resource utilization is precisely located in the northern region of Montenegro. The basic method used in this paper is descriptive statistics applied to the collection of relevant data resources of the region, document analysis, comparison and synthesis. The significant changes in socio-demographics appeared, an increasing part of the elders and the decreasing of the youth, and decreasing the part of the agricultural population. The main leading factors of the development of agriculture and rural development are the family farms in the region, which is about 26.000 and the resources of land, livestock, and labor. The specificity of the region is reflected in the changing structure of the agricultural population, socio-economic, demographic, territorial distribution of the population, and migration. The significant differences in the development of agriculture and rural development in the region are also present. Resources are not fully utilized in order to reduce the differences in the development of the region and to accelerate the development of less developed areas. Also, the regional development of the areas is needed for measures and program of balanced development of local self-government.


agriculture; Montenegro; region; resources; rural development

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