Study on the Vegetative Propagation Through Cuttings of Mentha x piperita Hybrid using Various Rooting Substrates

Erzsebet BUTA, Maria CANTOR, Denisa HORÈš, Mihai BUTA


The growing demand for seasoning plants and aromatic herbs on the Romanian market led to the implementation of new research on the improvement of propagation technology. Mentha x piperita was chosen for the classical propagation, a plant used not only in the food industry and in the alternative medicine, but also as an ornamental plant in the rustic gardens. It is also used with great success for decorating terraces and balconies. It is part of the compositions made for kitchens, along with other seasoning plants. The aim of the research was to improve the multiplication of Mentha x piperita hybrid. During the experiences were studied the following: the influence of the substrate on the rooting of cuttings and the influence of substrate on growth and development of plants. Recorded data were interpreted statistically by variance analysis. Results showed that the rooting process were different and depends on the substrate. Mentha x piperita has rooted in perlite in 15 days, inpeat with perlite in 20 days and in peat mixed with sand in 25 days. The number of shoots was not influenced by the substrates under study. The root system best developed in the substrate composed of peat and perlite.


mint; multiplication; peat; perlite; sand

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