Physico-Mechanical Analysis and Uvological Indices at Three Varieties of Grapes for Superior White Wines Grown in North-West Romania

Florin Dumitru BORA, Tiberia Ioana POP, Claudiu Ioan BUNEA, Anca PETER, Camelia NICULA, Delia Elena URCAN, Anca BABEȘ, Nastasia POP


The mechanical composition of the grapes is expressed by numerical ratio between the structural elements of the cluster (uvologic units): clusters, skins, pulp and seeds. The research in this paper aims the mechanical structure and uvologic values of three grape varieties for superior white wines: ʻFetească albăʼ, ʻFetească regalăʼ and ʻRiesling italianʼ, cultivated in NW Romania in 2013. The highest weight of a grape was recorded in the ʻFetească albăʼ variety cultivated in Şimleul Silvaniei (135 g) and the lowest was recorded in Fetească regală, in Baia Mare (91 g). The lowest index structure was recorded in ʻFetească albăʼ in Turulung Vii (21.54) and the higher was registered in ʻFetească regalăʼ (36.69) in Şimleul Silvaniei area.


grape indices; physico-mechanical analysis; white grapes varieties

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