Analysis of the Country of Origin Effect for the Romanian Consumer of Food Products



In the case of food products, the concept of country of origin is frequently present because of the shorter time spend by the consumer during the evaluation of alternatives phase. The aim of this study is to determine the influence of country of origin attribute over the consumer in the case of food products by comparing to attributes like brand, price, package and ingredients. A study was conducted among the people from Cluj-Napoca in 2013, on a sample of 277 people. The instrument used was the questionnaire which had four parts. A major objective of this study was to investigate if the results obtained by Dosen (2006) in his study will be the same among the Romanian consumers. The first hypothesis considers that the brand is more important in the buying decision-making process that the country of origin. The second one refers to price as being more important than the country of origin. Results indicate that price is more important than all the attributes mentioned: country of origin, ingredients, brand, and package. Country of origin is more important than brand and package. Brand is more important than package. In the present study brand is not more important than the country of origin and price is more important than the country of origin. It can be concluded that the country of origin is an important attribute when referring to food products, but price is the most important one. Package is the least important attribute, so not so many efforts must be spent for it.


food products; brand; price

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