Research Regarding the Production of Planting Material for the Decorative Species Paulownia Tomentosa Thumb

Rodica SOARE, Ovidiu PĂNIȚĂ, Elena BONCIU, Marin SOARE


Development of organic farming has led to the production of new organic fertilizers. They can increase seedlings vigour and resistance to pathogens and pests attack as well as a good survival in less favourable conditions after crop establishment. In this paper, a preliminary study was conducted to evaluate the response of Paulownia seedlings to organic fertilizers. Currently, the interest for this species is increasing due to its many qualities: decorative rapid growth, the honey tree and an excellent wood for timber, especially plant biomass production and capacity of air purification in polluted areas. After transplanting, 3 treatments have been applied to seedlings root, at an interval of 7 days. Response assessment was done through biometric measurements on height and stem diameter, number of leaves/plant, root length and leaf area. Treated seedlings were found to be superior to the untreated seedlings. Among the treatments applied, Organic NK-Fertilizer gave a significant advantage over the rest of the treatments in terms of seedlings vigor while bacterial culture led to a good development of the root system.


height; leaf area; root length; stem diameter

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