Physiological Changes and Osmoregulation in Several Romanian Spruce Populations Exposed to Salt and Drought Stress

Traian-Sorin ȘCHIOP, Mohamad Al HASSAN, Monica BOSCAIU, Oscar VICENTE, Adriana SESTRAS, Radu SESTRAS


Due to global warming and anthropogenic activities, drought and salinity are becoming two of the major abiotic stresses affecting coniferous forests in Romania. Seedlings from several Romanian populations of Picea abies were subjected to drought and salt stress treatments and the responses of each of them were analysed in terms of changes in dry mass percentages and proline levels. The highest fluctuations were recorded in the population from Valea Mare and the lowest in those from Sudrigiu and Gioristea-Calimanut.


conifers; drought; P. abies; salt stress

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