The Behaviour of Some Rose Cultivars of Different Origin as Cut Flowers in Nutritive Solutions

Vasile LAZÄ‚R, Rodica SIMA, Tincuta GOCAN, Ilona ORBAN


The researches done between the years 2012-2013 at Horticultural products technology Department of Horticulture Faculty of UASVM Cluj-Napoca followed the influence of preservative solution on the decorative period in vase of four indigenous and four non-indigenous (Dutch origin) rose cultivars. The obtained results shown that the interaction of preservative solution with cultivar pointed out the Avalance and Samba Romanian cultivars which in Chrysal preservative solution recorded very significant positive differences in comparison with control (Merci cultivar), for all the three studied characteristics (diameter of floral bud, the aspect of floral bud and the aspect of leaves on the floral stem).


characteristics; cultivar; preservative solution; roses; vase life

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