Using GIS System In Assessing Real Estate Property

Voichita ROIB, Ilinca ROIB


Geographic Information System (GIS) represents a technology used in different domains of activity, being used for centralizing and accessing information. GIS system may be used in assessing real estate property. With regard to assessing real estate properties, the GIS platforms can be useful for offering tools for special spatial analysis in order to learn the real space, with the help of which data is collected, managed, manipulated, analyzed and displayed in order to obtain a reasonable assessment of the value of a real estate property. Due to GIS the assessor can understand, interpret and share data in many ways. The GIS data base helps the assessor understand the general and physical characteristics of the property in a fast and easily comprehendible way. The assessment process consists of a set of coherent and organized procedures applied by the assessor, which lead to the value estimation of a real estate property. The authors of the study have created a GIS data base for managing the necessary data for property evaluation. The properties consists of houses in a row and the land belonging to them, located in the western area of Cluj-Napoca municipality, in Gheorgheni District. Due to the created GIS data base one can analyze the physical characteristics of the buildings, necessary to value estimation and to identify and select reliable comparables.


GIS; real estate property

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