Aspects Concerning the Processing of Observations in Support Networks Related to Hydropower Objectives

Mircea ORTELECAN, Ioana POP, Tudor SÄ‚LÄ‚GEAN, Paul SESTRAȘ, Nicolae POP


Models for processing geodetic observations made in support networks related to hydropower objectives are the ones used in general geodetic networks. For geodetic observations processing, based on the type of measurements made, are used mathematical models corresponding to indirect and conditioned measurements of same precision or different precision. The purpose of this paper is to highlight some aspects regarding the importance of using mathematical models for processing observations in support networks related to hydropower objectives. The case study concerning the geodetic observations processing of support networks related to hydropower objectives wasmade on the arrangements from the superior part of SomeÈ™ Cald river in Romania. The geodetic observations carried out in the support network were made using the total station Leica TM 30 and for processing were used the mathematical models which were previously mentioned. The accuracy of determining the coordinates of the support network is conditioned by the measurement accuracy and by the mathematical model which was used in processing. After determining the stability of the network points we could conclude that the parameter values obtained by the method of conditional measurements are substantially equal to those determined from indirect measurements. The displacement values obtained through the matrix and Gauss-Doolittle method are identical, which shows the correctness of calculations. Also the standard deviation of the most probable values is below millimeter. The biggest displacements are registered at point PIV, for which it should not be used for determining the displacement of the tracking marks placed on the dam.


geodetic networks; heterogeneous measurements; processing models

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