Researches Regarding the Agrotehnic Behaviour of Perspective Elites Obtained at Research Station for Viticulture and Enology Blaj

Daniela Maria POPESCU (HODOR), Maria ILIESCU, Cristian CRISTEA, Maria COMȘA


The Research Station for Viticulture and Enology Blaj (SCDVV Blaj), white a long tradition on improving wine grape varieties, was performed intraspecific hybridization and clonal selection in order to obtain new varieties and clones with superior qualities of provenance varieties. The hybrid elites that were tested in the yield trials of SCDVV Blaj were: 5-26 (Traminer roz x Iordană) and 11-26 (Fetească regală x Muscat Ottonel) and from the test field were selected the following clonale elites: 18-11 Pinot gris and 17-49 Fetească regală. These elites have been studied during 2012-2013 period and reported on a reference system consisting from control varieties: Traminer roz 60 Bl., Fetească regală 21 Bl., Pinot gris 34 Bl. The studied hybrid elites had good behavior with good value sugar / acidity / production ratio. Of clonal elites was remark 18-11 from qualitative point of view since has accumulated the greatest amount of sugars, with a good sugar / acidity ratio. Regarding the productivity, it is noted 17-49 clonale elite who obtained the highest yield. Because from clonale elite 18-11 Pinot gris and 5-26 hybrid elite can be obtained superior quality wines (DOC category), with a potential alcoholic over 12.5 % vol. even in less favorable climatic conditions for vine culture, these will be proposed for homologation.


agrotehnic behaviors; clonale elites; hybrid elites; quality; wine grape genotype

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