Quality Evaluation of Selection Oppenheim 4 Rootstock Clones Used to Produce Grapevine Planting Material, Depending on the Applied Agrotechnics

Daniela Maria POPESCU (HODOR), Maria ILIESCU, Maria COMSA, Danut Gheorghe CORBEAN


The implications of various vines practices (trellised or grown flat on the ground) influence the degree of canes maturations. In the present paper are analyzed the implications of various vines practices (using support systems-Romania, without means of support-France) on the maturation degree of canes of different clones belonging Selection Oppenheim 4 Rootstock (SO4) rootstock used in the grafting process. Have been tested rootstock clones of SO4 from France (clones 5, 18, 102, 203, 762) and Romania (clone 4).Carbohydrate content in clones studied recorded values between 13.81-16.07 g%, these values ranking rootstock clones in category sufficiently matured (between 14 to 16 g%) to good matured (over 16g %). By using the support system is obtain a good mature stock with a uniform diameter.


agrotechnical practices; carbohydrates; SO4 rootstock clones

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:10675

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