The Influence of Technological Inputs on Yield and Quality Traits of Greenhouse Cabbage

Rodica Maria SIMA, Danut MÄ‚NIUÈšIU, Alexandru Silviu APAHIDEAN, Maria APAHIDEAN, Vasile LAZÄ‚R, Nicusor SIMA


Cabbage is among the vegetables which can be found on the market throughout the year, greenhouse crop being a source of fresh cabbage in the cold season. The aim of this experiment was to study the influence of planting density/plant spacing and additional fertilization on the yield and quality traits of greenhouse cabbage. The low plant spacing (50 x 25 cm) revealed the highest yields regardless the applied additional fertilization. Foliar fertilization with Ferticare (24:8:16) as split applications during all growing season, provided the highest marketable head weight, as well as the highest vitamin C content and total soluble solids content of cabbage heads.


fertilization; head cabbage; planting density; quality

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