Fundamental Parameter Method Applied to X-Ray Line Profile Analysis

Florica Matei, Nicolae Aldea, Marius Rada, Ioana Pop


Crystallite size strain effect the mechanical, electric, magnetic and optical properties of many kind of the nanomaterials. The effects of the finite crystallite size and lattice strain can be very well observed as the deformation in the shape of the X-ray line profile (XRLP). In this contribution we have used the fundamental parameter (FP) [1,2] method to evaluate the nanostructure materials assuming a theoretical model of experimental XRLP.  In this contribution we have used various distribution functions such as normal, lognormal, Gumbel, Maxwell and Student. The best values of the crystallite size of nanostructued materials are chosen by analysis of root mean squares of residuals and by correlation matrix of the fit parameters. The entire procedure was implemented in the GnuPlot script.



Crystallite size, Distribution functions, Fundamental parameter method

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