Influence of Mahaleb and Gisela 5 Rootstocks on the Growth of „Bigarreau Burlat†Sweet Cherry Cultivar

Monica Pal, Viorel Mitre, Andreea Tripon, Mihai Lazar, Tabita Lisandru, Sabin Molnar


Abstract. The influence of Prunus Mahaleb L. and ‘Gisela 5’ rootstocks on the growth of ‘Biggareau Burlat’ sweet cherry cultivar was evaluate on the environmental conditions of Cluj-Napoca city, in 2015, in a high-density plot (trees are planted at the distance of 4 x 1.5 m) with 1666 trees/ha, trained as spindle busch, with trellis system and drip fert-irigation provided. The measurements were done in April, on 10 trees of the cultivar grafted on different rootstock, in the 4th year after planting. The trunck diameter growth was measured 5 cm above the graft, and it was also recorded the number and length of annual increases (long, medium and spur fruiting branches) and calculated the tree height. After first four years from planting, ‘Biggareau Burlat’ grafted on ‘Gisela 5’ rootstock proved to be more vigorously than grafted on Prunus Mahaleb L., considering the total numbers of the medium and long branches per tree. ‘Biggareau Burlat’/Gisela 5, compared to ‘Biggareau Burlat’/P. Mahaleb significantly exceeded in the number of medium branches (4.7 comparatively to 3), number of long branches on the tree (17.2 comparatively to 7.9), number of inflorescences buds (74.7 comparatively to 41.3)  and the total length of annual tree branches.


branches, growth, Prunus mahaleb L., rootstock, sweet cherry

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