Variation with the cultivar on the processing of apples as clear juice

Vasile Lazar, Rodica Maria Sima, Tincuța Gocan, Alexandru Marian


The researches done at UASVM Cluj-Napoca in the frame of Horticultural product technology Department between 2014-2015 years followed the behavior of five apple cultivars at processing as clear juice. The apple juice characteristics (soluble solids content, organic acids content and clarification grade) were analyzed at processing of apples as clear juice and three months later, in order to determine how the initial characteristics of raw material were found again in the finished product. In order to provide the microbiological stability of juice, preservation was done with two chemical methods (sulfur dioxide - SO2 and sodium benzoate) and one physical method (pasteurization). The obtained results revealed ‘Florina’ cultivar, which had a processing efficiency as juice about 60%, high soluble solids content, 1% acidity, good clarification grade of juice, and pasteurization as microbiological stabilization method.


cultivar, characteristics, apple, juice, preservation

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