Analysis and Evaluation of The Main Ecoclimatic Conditions From Romania's Vineyards

Florin Dumitru Bora, Ionica Dina, Maria Iliescu, Gabi Zaldea, Ionela Catalina Guta


Vines act as indicators in relation ecoclimatic changes and they are particularly sensitive to temperature changes. Temperature is a limiting factor and define the distribution area for all plants. The main objective of this paper is to present the climatic conditions such as temperature, insolation, rainfall and cloudiness of Romanian main vineyards (Dealu Bujorului, Murfatlar, Târnave, IaÈ™i, ștefăneÈ™ti-ArgeÈ™i). The thermal balance with the highest values was recorded in Murfatlar vineyard having a value of 5288 (Σtg), the active thermal balance (Σta) 4815, and the useful thermal balance (Σtu) 2514. Insolation and precipitations are in normal parameters for viticulture. The highest values of the real heliothermic index (IHr), hydrothermal coefficient (CH) and wine bioclimatic index (Ibcv) were recorded in Murfatlar vineyard (IHr=4.1; CH=0.8 and Ibcv=11.4). The result show that the ecoclimatic conditions from the studied vineyards are favorable, that makes possible the production of both red and white wines of high quality in these areas.


climatic conditions, temperature, insolation, rainfall

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