New Vine Varieties for High Quality White Wine Production at RDSVV Bujoru

Alina Donici, Florin Dumitru Bora, Aurel Ciubuca, Viorica Enache, Gabriel Tabaranu


The  degree of fertility coefficient absoltul (CFA) and coefficient ratio (CFR) we can see that the highest values were obtained from the variety 'Fetească regală' (54.5 ± 1.00% fertility; 1.60 ± 1.00 coefficient absolute (CFA ) and 0.86 ± 1.00 coefficinet relative (CFR). The  analysis of physical-mechanical based on the results it can be seen that the variety 'Bujoru' showed the best values for all parameters analyzed (303.5 ± 1.0 (g) the average weight of the grape bunch, 278.07 ± 1.0 (g) weight of 100 berries; 213.66 ± 0.67 (g / L) sucrose sugar concent and 4.331 ± 1.0 (kg / comes) average coming production). 


new grapevine, vineyard, wine

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