Research About Improvement the Aromatique Grapevine by Selection Clonale in the Vineyard Dealu Bujorului

Alina Donici, Florin Dumitru Bora, Vasilica Eneche, Gabriel Tabaranu


The research in this paper aims the quality producţion and uvologic values of two elites clonal ‘Muscat Ottonel’ 35-21, ‘Şarbă 25-45’  and two varieties ‘Muscat Ottonel’, ‘Şarbă’ for  aromatic white wines  cultivated in SCDVV Bujoru. The highest weight of a grape was recorded in the ‘Şarbă 25-45’ (183 g) and the lowest was recorded in ‘Muscat Ottonel’ (93 g). The lowest index structure was recorded in ‘Muscat Ottonel’ (27.0) and the higher was registered in ‘Muscat Ottonel 35-21’.

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