Preliminary Results on Behavior of Transgenic and Conventional Plum to Natural PPV Infection in a New Field Trial

Ioan Zagrai, Luminita Zagrai, Angela Festila


To assess the durability of resistance to PPV of HoneySweet transgenic plum harbouring plum pox virus (PPV) capsid gene, a new field trial was recently established in Romania at Fruit Research & Development Station Bistrita. Stanley and Reine Claude d’Althan cvs. are used as control. PPV inoculum source is secured within the experimental plot. PPV monitoring was made by visual observation of symptoms development on leaves and by serological (DAS-ELISA) and molecular (IC/-RT-PCR) testings. Three years after planting PPV was observed and detected only on Stanley. 'HoneySweet' and  Reine Claude d’Althan cultivars remained PPV free.


transgenic plum, natural infection, PPV

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