Monitoring of Buituri Slag Dump, Hunedoara County in Relation with Environmental Protection

Anca Maria MOSCOVICI, Alina Corina BALA, Floarea Maria BREBU, Clara Beatrice VILCEANU, Cosmin Ion CZEGU


Detailed analysis of appearance and relief evolution in mining areas cannot be done without mining engineering concepts. Over time, researchers around the world have responsibly been involved in this matter necessary for the development of society, also with obvious implications and repercussions over the quality of life. The purpose of the scientific research detailed in this paper comprises in monitoring the slag dump from Buituri, Hunedoara County using space geodetic technology. Slag dump is the result of steel production activities carried out under the steel factory Arcelor Mittal Hunedoara S.A., formerly known as the steel factory Hunedoara - Siderurgica S.A. Therefore it was decided to conduct monthly topographic measurements to monitor possible dynamic changes that may appear in the context of continuous exploitation of the above mentioned slag dump. Monitoring possible movements is performed by comparing transversal and longitudinal profiles drawn based on zero measurement carried out on 20.05.2011, with the ones obtained after processing of the monthly measurements realized throughout the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Also, for observing the displacements, comparative charts or tables with records regarding coordinates differences are studied. The issue of measuring and graphic representation of settlements, horizontal linear movements and landslides for structures such as slag or sterile dumps, requires further studies and interdisciplinary research, creating links between specialists in the fields of terrestrial measurements science and geology.


environmental protection, monitoring, planimetric and altitudinal movements slag dump, technology GNSS

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