Studies on Biodiversity Diagnosis of Vineyard Farms at the Agro-Ecological Infrastructure Level

Liliana Lucia Tomoiagă, Ligia Ficiu, Gabriel Tabaranu, Cosmina Argatu, Gabi Zaldea, Diana Vizitiu


In Romania, the vine farms are currently spread on approximately 180.000 ha, therefore an important part of biodiversity, functional or planned is present. To avoid a biodiversity decline it is necessary for the vineyards to have a clear evidence of the state of their biodiversity.

Based on the results obtained from the studied vineyards, during 2015, the agro-ecological infrastructure or AEI percent based on the actual area occupied varies between 7% and 35%. Evaluation of the implementation AEI during 2015 in wine-growing farms in Romania showed that the amount of semi-natural elements is not sufficient to stop the loss of biodiversity and their quality needs to be favored also.


diagnosis, biodiversity, viticulture, agro-ecological infrastructure

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