The Current Status of Germplum Database: a Tool for Characterization of Plum Genetic Resources in Romania

Monica Harta, Cristian Radu Sisea, Rodica Pop, Katalin Szabo, Maria Zanescu, Doina Clapa, Dorottya Domokos, Mihai Botu, Doru Pamfil


In Romania, Prunus genetic resources are kept in collections of varieties, populations and biotypes, mainly located in research and development institutes or fruit growing stations and, in the last years, by some private enterprises. Creating the experimental model for the Germplum database based on phenotypic descriptors and SSR molecular markers analysis is an important and topical objective for the efficient characterization of genetic resources and also for establishing a public-private partnership for the effective management of plum germplasm resources in Romania. The technical development of the Germplum database was completed and data will be added continuously after characterizing each new accession.


plum; phenotypic; genotypic; characterization; database

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