Influence of Temperature on Mycelial Growth of some Pleurotus eryngii and Lentinula edodes Strains in vitro

Alexandru Valentin ZĂGREAN, Gabriela NEAŢĂ, Bogdan STĂNCIULESCU


The mycelial growth rate of eight experimental strains - Pleurotus eryngii (4) and Lentinula edodes (4) - was studied on PDA medium at different incubation temperatures: 18°, 24° and 30°C.The aim of the investigation was to determine the optimal temperature for in vitro cultivation of each of the eight strains under study. All the experimental soushes reached their optimum growth at 24-30°C. P.eryngii strains showed better growth rates compared to those of L.edodes. The fastest strains were Pery-G (4,83 mm day-1/30oC), Pery-K (4,14 mm day-1/30oC) for P.eryngii and Led-S (3,35 mm day-1/30oC), LeM-51 (3,05 mm day-1/30oC) for L.edodes, respectively.Statistical interpretation shows that our experimental strains of both specia obtained very significant positive results at 30oC.


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