Irrigation Investments in Romania. Size, Results, Efficiency (1965-1989)

Aurel LUP, Liliana MIRON, Indira ALIM


In Romania was equipped for irrigation over than 3 million hectare, one of the greatest surfaces in Europe. The aim - drought control and intensification of agriculture by increasing the yield per hectare. The financial effort was very important - over 10 million USD borrowed from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and World Bank. To accelerate the construction of the irrigation systems and to save financial resources the constructors renounced to ones of the main parts of the system: drainage systems, measuring equipment, waterproofing transport canals and for application were provided cheap and hand shifted equipment.

Operation of the irrigation systems was defective to: there was not sufficient electric power for pumping water, fertilizers and pesticides and other production factors so that the yields per hectare were 50-70% under projected level. Economically all national irrigation system produced loses instead profits. At present about 1.5 million hectare are within rehabilitation course especially in the Danube Plane, which can be operated in profitability terms.


economic efficiency, intensification, investment per ha drought, irrigation systems

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