Flower Development of Ornamental Crabapple According to BBCH Scale

Tabita Teodora LISANDRU, Adrian FÜSTÖS, Adelina DUMITRAŞ, Viorel MITRE


Crabapples offer a wide variety of tree forms and size, leaf shapes, flowers and colourful fruits which improve the quality of green spaces, being an excellent four-season landscape trees. The aim of this study was to determine flower development of Malus x zumi ‘Professor Sprenger’ using Biologische Bundesantalt, Bundessortenamt, and Chemische Industrie - BBCH code under urban conditions. Observations were made weekly during two growing seasons to identify the flowering stages. Flower development of ornamental crabapple described according to BBCH scale started from flower induction until dormancy. Knowing the flower development stages of ‘Professor Sprenger’ variety provide information on visual assessment protocols from urban areas and determine the species’ most ornamental period of the year.


BBCH code, flower stages, Malus x zumi ‘Professor Sprenger’

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:0041

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