Aspects Regarding the Tracking of the Behavior in Time of Vâlsan Dam, Arges County, Romania

Vlad PĂUNESCU, Tudor SĂLĂGEAN, Mariana CĂLIN, Anca Maria MOSCOVICI, Elemer Emanuel SUBA, Cosmin POPESCU, Mihai HERBEI, Lucian DRAGOMIR


This paper aims to highlight the behavior in time monitoring of a hydrotechnical construction by establishing the displacements compared to the base tranche and the previous tranche, processing these measurements and establishing conclusions on the behavior of the analyzed construction. The main purpose of this paper is to study if there are any displacements of the studied hydrotechnical construction between different measurements tranches. Field measurements were performed between September - December 2016, after which the data was processed at the office with specially developed programs for this purpose. For the micro-triangulation stage, respectively for measuring the directions and distances, were used Leica TS02 Plus R500 total stations. The measurement accuracy of this total station is 1” for directional determination and 1.5mm + 2ppm for distances. Tracking the behavior in time of hydrotechnical constructions are of great importance, because it can prevent many calamities like breaking the dam, floods etc.


dam, displacement, landmark, monitoring

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