New Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Hybrids Obtained at V.R.D.S. Buzău

Bianca ZAMFIR, Dorel HOZA, Costel VÎNĂTORU, Camelia BRATU, Elena BARCANU


V.R.D.S. Buzău is well known in tomato breeding. Here we present, for the first time in Romania, commercial hybrid seeds. The first batch of hybridization were made up of accession 10 x Bizon, Bulgarian origin hybrid followed by 24-13 accession (obtained by C. Petrescu, USAMV Bucharest) x Temnocrasnei resulting Export II hybrid. Since 1996 was obtained the first tomato hybrid in this station and it was registered in the Official Crop Plants Catalogue and sold as Siriana F1.


breeding, genotypes, heterosis, hybridization, Siriana

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