Behavior of some Eggplant Varieties in the Vidra Area - Ilfov

Mihaela Alina BUZATU, Marcel COSTACHE, Mihaela CROITORU, Stelica CRISTEA


The main purpose of the experiences organized at Research and Development Institute for Vegetable and Flower Growing Vidra was to evaluate the behavior of different cultivars of eggplants in specific soil and climate conditions of the Vidra area and to identify those with high yields, with quality fruits and tolerant to soil borne pathogens attack. In 2016, 12 cultivars of eggplants were studied: 6 non-hybrid varieties (Daniela, Luiza, Dragaica, Zaraza, Belona, Black Beauty) and 6 hybrids (Andra F1, Rebeca F1, Bibo F1, Clorinda F1, Mirabelle F1, Epic F1).The highest yield was achieved in Rebeca F1 and Luiza cultivars. The highest vitamin C content was realized at Rebeca F1, Luiza, and Zaraza cultivars. The Mirabelle F1 hybrid and Black Beauty variety presented a reduced sensitivity to Verticillium dahliae and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melongenae.


eggplants, fruit quality, yield

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