Contributions Regarding the Creation of the Digital Map of the Public Transport in the Metropolitan Area of Cluj

Voichiţa ROIB, Ilinca ROIB


A special importance in the stimulation of the public transport use, is the increase of the informing degree of travellers with regards to the transport networks. The paper presents technical data regarding the making of the digital map of the public transport in the metropolitan area of Cluj. The digital map was created by the authors, using data from Open Street Map site and data collected with the help of GPS, made available by Public Transport Company Cluj-Napoca S.A. The digital map created for public transport in the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and Metropolitan Area of Cluj, with detailed maps routes, offers to users, information on public transport which leads to the efficiency of services and passengers’ safety, increasing mobility and sustainability of Cluj-Napoca city.


digital map, public transport, travellers’ informing

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