Behaviour of Some Green Pepper Lines ( Capsicum annuum l. Var. Grossum Sendt) Tested in the Comparative Plots for Evaluation at Research and Development Institute for Vegetable and Flower Growing Vidra



During the 2015-2016 periods in the frame of the experimental field of RDIVFG VIDRA, 5 round pepper lines, created at the Plant Breeding Department of the Institute were investigated under comparative plots for evaluation. As control the green pepper variety Galben superior was used. Several observations and morphological determinations were carried out aiming the following characteristics: total yield, number of fruits per plant, their shape and color. By comparison of the data regarding the total yield of the green pepper lines under investigation (average of the 2015-2016 period) one could notice that all the 5 lines assured a higher total yield to the control variety Galben superior. The values for total yield ranged between 51.8 t/ha and 52.5 t/ha, by comparison with control variety Galben superior that gave 31.5 t/ha. The results emphasized that the best behaviour had the lines L45 by comparison with the control variety.


breeding, green pepper, germoplasm, researches

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