Production of some Colored Potato Genotypes in Organic Culture

Rodica SOARE, Maria DINU, Cristina BABEANU, Mihnea MODRAN


The purpose of this study was to identify the cultivars of potatoes with good production capacity and high nutritional value under ecologically culture conditions. The biological material consisted of five new potatoes cultivars: Brasovean, Carpatin, Cranberry Red, Montain Rose, Purple Majesty and Blue Congo. These new, highly pigmented varieties have yellow, pink or red peel and pulp, due to its high anthocyanin content. In order to achieve the objective, the productivity elements were determined: number of tubers and medium weight/plant, productivity as well as starches, carbohydrates, vitamin C content and antioxidant capacity. The obtained results were statistically interpreted by the analysis of variance, and the differences between genotypes were estimated by the threshold of significance at p≤0.05%. Cultivar Carpatin recorded the best production (32.7 t/ha) and Cranberry red and Montain Rose cultivars recorded the highest content in vitamin C (17.6 respectively 18.64 mg/100g f.m) and Blue Congo with highest antioxidant capacity (162.65 DPPH μMTE/100g).


antioxidant capacity, ecological, quantitative

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