Comparative Study on the Economic Efficiency of Rapeseed Culture in Conventional and Organic Systems



From an economic point of view, efficiency implies the use of resources, of any kind, at maximum efficiency, or else the relation between effect and effort is over unit. In any kind of activity economic efficiency is the basis for its start. In the present paper, the level of economic efficiency for rape crops will be determined, according to two technological systems: conventional and organic. The revenue structure, and especially the expenditure, will be found in the income and expenditure budget of the culture. We will compare the value of production, production costs, but also yield or rate of return. In the continuation of the study, a set of indicators of economic efficiency will be calculated for each crop system, which will be subjected to a mirror analysis, to determine the feasibility of rapeseed crops as accurately as possible. Finally, the results will be presented, the profitability of the crop according to the system, the level of the profit and the recommendations regarding the future way of growing the rapeseed.


economic efficiency, organic, feasibility, profitability, rape seed

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