Evaluating the Potential for Soybean Culture in Romania Compared with the European Union



Soybean is a very popular plant for its wide use, and it is coming back to the attention of farmers due to its special importance in various sectors. Thus, the present study, aims to highlight Romania’s position regarding the areas cultivated with this plant, grain and oil production, consumption per capita and also forage consumption in the zootechnical sector. Also, it will bring in the highlight aspects very important, like imports and exports for the period of 2000-2016 in order to assess the potential of soybean culture and its necessity on the territory of Romania. Due to the high demand for soybeans and / or soybean products, Romania has to resort to the European or world market in order to satisfy the demand for this product, mainly used in the livestock sector. Soybean culture will be analyzed in two different period, the first period will be the pre-accession (2000-2007) and the second one will be the post-accession (2007-2016) of Romanian to the European Union, thus reference will be made to genetically modified soybeans and their use on national and European territories.


consumption, genetically modified soybeans, trade

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasmvcn-hort:000217

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