Influence of Technology and Environment on the Pollen Germination Capacity in Cherry

Andreea Flavia ANDRECAN, Viorel MITRE, Olimpia IORDĂNESCU, Mirela Irina CORDEA


Pollen of four cherry cultivars (‘Lapins, ‘Kordia’, ‘Sylvia’, ‘Regina’) was collected and examined with microscop to determine its germination capacity. It was observed that pollen fertility varied from 18.7 % to 80.1 %. Environmental conditions of the studied area as well as applied treatments affected pollen germination capacity. Due to the high maximum temperature recorded in 13.03.2018, bud formation was induced 18 day earlier than in the previous years, growth started on March 31st, when the temperature was 21.5˚C. Regarding production, the highest yield was obtained in ‘Regina’ variety 9.7 kg/tree, ‘Kordia’ 9.3 kg/tree, ‘Lapins’ 8.8 kg/tree and Sylvia 8.2 kg/tree. In autumn of the previous year, the trees were fertilized with urea, in a concentration of 3 kg per ha, and in the spring with CROPAID, in a concentration of 5 liters per ha. The results show that germination percentage was much higher in the pollen collected from the treated trees than in the untreated ones.


cherry; cultivars; germinability; pollen

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