Influence of the Crown Shape on the Input of the Fruit and the Productive Potential of Cherry Trees in a High-Density System

Valerian BALAN, Igor IVANOV, Petru BALAN


The purpose of this study was to practice and improve the use of low volume crowns in a high-density system in order to obtain qualitative cherry production that would be competitive on the market and to make efficient use of the labor force. The research was carried out in the intensive cherry orchard planted in the autumn of 2011 with “Ferrovia”, “Kordia”, and “Regina” varieties, grafted on Gisela 6 (Prunus cerasus × Prunus canescens) rootstock interspaced at 4x2.5 m and managed according to the Ameliorated natural crown systems with low volume, Ameliorated Slender Spindle and Vase shaped crown. Harvest, diameter, firmness, dry matter content and fruit weight were determined. The trees started to yield in the third year after planting. The harvest in the second year of yielding was 4-5 kg/tree. The average harvest in the third year of yielding was 9640-13290 kg/ha. For all three varieties the harvested quantity and fruit size were correlated with the crown shape. The Ameliorated Slender Spindle crown provided the highest production per hectare, while the Flattened Vase Shaped crown provided the lowest yield but had the highest values of the fruit size (28.2-28.4 mm) and of the soluble dry matter in the fruit (17.9-18.6 Brix%).


cherry; crown shape; yield; quality; variety

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