Variation of the Chemical Element Content in the Dealu Bujorului Vineyard Soil

Florin Dumitru BORA, Alina DONICI, Elena POSTOLACHE, Aurel CIUBUCĂ, Viorica ENACHE, Gabriel TABARANU, Nicolaie BÎRLIGA, Ionut RACZ, Claudiu Ioan BUNEA


The purpose of this study is to know better the concentration of chemical elements in the soil from Dealu Bujorului vineyard. The determination of the ten elements from the soil samples was performed using ICP-MS. The results showed diverse patterns of cadmium, lead, uranium, mercury, arsenic, strontium, cobalt, copper, nickel and chromium, all the elemental content studied were under the maximum limit admitted, except for copper (average 356.03 mg/kg while M.L.A. = 20 mg/kg).


Dealu Bujorului vineyard; elemental concentration; vineyard soil

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